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Sydney, AU
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When to Go to Sydney?

The ideal time to visit Sydney is throughout the long summer starting from late spring through to early autumn. The spring months of October and November are enjoyable with the warm days and evenings, although the ocean is slightly cool for swimming until later November usually. The summer months of December through February are generally hot and humid but comfortable. Another nice time to visit Sydney is in the early-autumn months of March and April when the weather is usually clear, sunny and comfortable while the ocean is still warm for swimmers. The coolest winter months of July and August are normally mild and sunny.

What to do & see in Sydeny?

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is probably the most famous beach in the world, it certainly is one of the first things people want to see when...

Interesting Information about Sydney

  • Sydney is one of the largest cities in land size, with over 1580 square kilometres across, making it much larger than most other major cities. There are about a million and a half liveable buildings in Sydney.
  • Sydney has a mild to warm climate but it is quite different in summer to winter where temperatures can get low at night through some months of July especially. In summer, the temperatures are usually very good, not too hot but just right. There are times when that can change as there have been a number of periods where the weather in Sydney or NSW would get very hot for days. Most often though Sydney has a great climate but it is like anywhere, the weather can change. Since Sydney is also mainly close to the sea then that can often mean the weather can be a lot more unpredictable at times. The average Sydney summer maximum temperature is 25.5 C, and the average winter maximum is 16C.

Sydney Suburbs to Visit


Auburn is a suburb in western Sydney located about 19 kms west of the Sydney central business district. Auburn is home to a mixed...


Ryde is located 13 km north-west of Sydney central and 8 km east of Parramatta. Ryde is the third oldest settlement in Australia, after Sydney...

Rose Bay

Rose Bay is located located seven kilometres east of central Sydney. Rose Bay offers great views of both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney...


Parramatta is a suburb and major business district in the metropolitan area of Sydney, Australia. It is located in Greater Western Sydney about 23...