6 Beaches You’d Be A Fool To Ignore When You Visit Australia


If you look on a map you’ll see that nearly every big city is by the coast. Then it soon becomes clear why. Australia has some of the best beaches in the world and everyone wants to live beside one. And once people from other countries hear about them they want a piece of the action. If you’ve ever thought about heading down under you should definitely go and check them out. You have too many options to choose from. There’s something for everyone there and you have to know what you want. It doesn’t matter so much if you’re going to travel around when you get there because you might get to visit a few, but if you’re sticking to the one place you need to get it right. We can have a look at some of the best beaches Australia has to offer and what makes each one a little bit more special than the last. Australia Beaches Bondi Beach, Sydney You’ll definitely come across prettier beaches than Bondi, but it gets a mention because it’s one of the most famous beaches in the world. Maybe it’s because of where it lies, right in the heart of Sydney. If you love people watching then it’s the obvious choice because you can walk from one end to the other and come across thousands of people from all over the world. Fraser Island, Queensland Fraser Island is about 120 kilometers long and made entirely of sand. It’s actually the largest sand island in the world coming in at a total of 1840km2. The beaches all around the island are great for topping up your tan, but that’s definitely not all you’ll find there. The island is home to rainforests, mangrove forests and eucalyptus woodland. You’ll definitely love walking up the huge sand dunes and getting a better look over the island. Cable Beach, Broome Cable Beach has to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world and because of its location remains relatively untouched compared to most Australian beaches. It stretches for miles and if you’re into water sports there’s plenty available here. You will usually find the car park filled with backpackers sleeping in the back of their cars. They only do this because of how great the beach is. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas Port Douglas has become hugely popular in recent years and the beach is the ultimate jewel in the crown. It shares the same altitude with Tahiti so you’ll know what kind of tropical weather to expect. In case the name never gave it away, it stretches for 4 miles and every single inch of it is beautiful. Even though it’s hugely popular you will always find a nice stretch of beach where you can be alone. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas License: Creative Commons image source Bay of Fires, Tasmania The Bay of Fires runs 29 kilometers down the coast and is filled with red rocks. The sea is blue, the sand is white, and the lovely forest running along side it makes it an amazing place to stay. It’s very popular with campervans and if you want to camp out under the stars you could definitely be in worse places. The best you can hope for in facilities here are a few public toilets, so you’re really in the outdoors. Coral Bay, Western Australia Take a drive up the coast from Perth and you’ll eventually come to Coral Bay. Although the Great Barrier Reef is hugely popular you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer here. Luckily the reef is just a few minutes from the shore rather than hours. You’ll also get the chance to swim with some amazing sea life in the turquoise waters. You might get lucky and a bottlenose dolphin will come up to say hello. Coral Bay, Western Australia License: Creative Commons image source Marco Luiz has written some remarkably good articles on holiday destinations. Visit the Whitebeach Holidays website to learn more about beaches in order to plan a great vacation.