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The site is dedicated to people interested in travel to Sydney Australia. You will find new articles, news, reviews and photos of one of the most popular and scenic cities in the world.  You will also find help for the traveler to Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Find useful information and resources to help you find accommodation, adventures and things to do in Sydney Australia.

Sydney is a beautiful and busy city; it has amazing beaches, great sightseeing, fantastic gardens and people that have migrated to one central city that is happy to have them.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney provides many opportunities for immigrants and that is why there are many cultures in the city. There is a train and bus system with busy highways and roads but the city is known for its inefficient transport system and bottlenecks.

Besides the transport issues, Sydney has a lot to offer the tourist with many attractions to be enjoyed. You can do everything here from walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to taking surfing lessons at Manly Beach. On the subject of beaches, there are world class beaches in Sydney and the most famous is Bondi Beach.

Sydney is full of energy, it has world class shopping and some of the most amazing food can be purchased fresh or at one of the many top restaurants throughout the city.

Greater Sydney is a huge area and it goes right up to the Hunter Valley where a small city called Newcastle can be found. Sydney city is the area where you will find world famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge.