Walking through China Town in Sydney was a very nice way to spend the mid summer evening. The place has really a vibrant atmosphere with a lot of street food stalls now. You get everything from Korean to Japanese to Chinese to Vietnamese. China Town Sydney is the place to go if you are looking for that Asian street food experience.

Enjoy this video I shot of China Town Sydney:

You can really feel the heat, the food and hear the sounds of the street food cooking including sizzling b-b-q and grill food.

China Town is a place you can go to and enjoy it either alone or with your whole family. It can be somewhat crowded at times but if you don’t mind that and you like to feel like you are in Asia then this is just part of the authetic China Town experience.

The food is not exactly cheap but it’s not that expensive either by Sydney standards. You can buy Chicken bbq kebabs for around $3 each or a small meal for roughly $10 and it goes up from there. There are also the traditional Chinese established and newer restaurants that are part of the China Town Sydney experience so if you prefer to dine and be comfortable then these Chinese and other Asian restaurants can cater for your needs.

You will see all of the above in the video of China Town Sydney.