Chinatown Sydney

Chinatown Sydney History

The Chinese have been a part of Sydney and its culture since the Gold-rush days since the late 1800’s.

China Town Sydney

Chinatown Sydney Today

Today Chinatown is a focus for tourists where they can find, see and experience Asian cultures including Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese. The Dixon Street pedestrian precedent is where many Asian shops and restaurants are found and where people can dine in or outside.

A Large Area in Downtown Sydney

Sydney’s Chinatown spans a total of 10 streets; the main streets are Dixon Street and Sussex Street where you can find a large range of quality Chinese restaurants, Asian supermarkets, jewelleries shops, Chinese medicine shops and souvenirs shops etc.

There are regular festivals and events at Chinatown especially when there is a Chinese New Year. On Friday nights between June and December there are night markets as well.

Connect or Contact Chinatown Sydney

Address: Dixon Street, Sussex Street
Transportation: A short distance from Central Station or Town Hall Station; Alight at Paddy’s Market Station from Monorail or Light Rail.

Resources: China Town Sydney Summer 2013