I have been staying near the city centre of Newcastle, NSW for the last 4-5 days. It really has been an enjoyable place to do some photography and walk the streets to view the historic buildings and heritage.

I walked along a street called Darby street a couple of days ago and viewed some inspiring photography in one of the art shops. After that I decided to take a series of photos along the waterfront.

Newcastle has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with a mixture of younger students to more matured locals who appreciate a good coffee, art and music. There seems to be plenty of activities in and around the city going on all the time.

There are many walkways with plenty of places to walk to. The inner city is mainly flat so it suits bicycles therefore bringing a bike or hiring one is worth while. You could take a walk to the public library and view the fountains at the same time. You could take a walk to the city water front and enjoy a stroll near the harbour while viewing the ferries and boats doing their thing. You could stop at one of the number of cafe or restaurants along the way. You might even catch a live band playing at the tavern like today, a reggae band was playing outside in front of the tavern.

Whatever you decide to do in Newcastle city, I’m sure you will have fun. Enjoy some of the pictures I have taken here below: