The Gold Coast is perhaps best known for it’s beaches and theme parks, so once you’re tired of the sand, try one of the big four theme parks on offer. These of course, are, ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild,’ ‘Movie World,’ ‘Seaworld,’ and the big ‘Dreamworld.’ The first three work together and offer season/week/month passes to all three in the same package, whereas Dreamworld only specializes in its own deals. But don’t let this fool you; I would argue Dreamworld is worth the pass, being the biggest park with the most to offer in my opinion, having been to all of them multiple times. Not to mention, while Wet ‘n’ Wild and Movie World are great theme parks, they can be done in a day or two, and Seaworld is done in a single day.

Theme Parks

Movie World:

Movie World as a theme park is more of a live show all day. With parades circulating permanently and characters we have all come to know and love visiting you all day. Each ride has its own theme, and its own unique experience. Take for example the Scooby Doo Ride, it’s got the most life like characters that you pass by and yet it’s full of backward falls that drop your stomach like a ten ton brick. If you have time, the Hollywood stunt driver show is full of amazing explosions, drifting, jumping and audience involvement. But the shows only on at certain times on each day if the weathers good, so set aside some time on a nice day to check out the show.

Wet ‘n’ Wild:

This water park has all kinds of waterslides and activities, from the relaxed and luxurious ‘Calipso Bay’ to the 180 degree water slide in the h2O zone, or the complete 360 degree flip near the aqua racers. It’s not uncommon to find sweet spots around Wet ‘n’ Wild either, like the hidden beaches around Calipso Bay that mum can stay shaded away in, reading a good book for the day, if she wants. There is also a huge wave pool by the entrance that turns on in 15 minute intervals. If you want an experience with your mates, try Mammoth Falls, a four person ride on the edge of the park. It’s always a good bet, considering there is rarely a line and if there is, it’s rather short.

Sea World:

While this theme park is widely acclaimed around the world, on the Gold Coast it is not considered to be as good as the rest. However it is perfect for a stay with younger children if you are visiting the Gold Coast as it hosts the Sea World ‘Nara’ resort, which is also just opposite the beautiful ‘Spit’ beach. As previously said though, you can easily do this park in a day.

Dream World:

This is my favorite park by far, and while it may be more expensive it is definitely worth it. There are far more thrill rides here like ‘The Claw’ and ‘Wipeout’ as well as the ‘Cyclone,’ which is an extreme roller coaster with a few huge drops and loops, a simple thrill. The theme park is packed with characters from Australian TV shows and more, performing all day around the park, but don’t forget to check out their famous white tigers. In addition, if you’re going to book flights to the Gold Coast you should know that this park has you covered when it comes to seeing Australian wildlife.