[td_text_with_title custom_title=”Strathfield Sydney”]Strathfield is an Inner West suburb only 17 minutes in the train from Sydney and located 14 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD.

Strathfield Town

The suburb has a large Asian resident base with many Koreans living and visiting there with most of the restaurants and shops Korean owned.

Strathfield Sports Centre

There is the Strathfield Sports Centre where you can enjoy socialising with other Strathfield residents, play tennis or sports.

Strathfield Plaza

Strathfield Plaza offers a place to shop and dine. There is a supermarket along with groceries, meat and food shops. You can find a number of places to eat and dine in the Strathfield Plaza or you can enjoy one of the many Asian restaurants outside the plaza or along the main street.

North Strathfield and Strathfield South are separate suburbs to Strathfield, to the north and south respectively.


Strathfield Map

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