This hostel is very impressive in all areas. From the friendly male staff on arrival to the cleanliness and facilities, this YHA is easily the best I have stayed at. The female staff were ok but not as welcoming or as helpful.

I had expected this place to be good but it more than met my expectations. It has stunning views from the top large deck area. You are able to get a closeup inspection of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House right outside your room. It is stunning and breath taking views so bring your camera. Especially at sunset and night when the lights bring out a new dimension in the cityscape, you will be happy you brought your camera.

The hostel is very new so you will see some construction still taking place on arrival but nothing that bothers you. The building and design itself is very well thought out. The hostel is eco friendly with many ways to remind you that you can help the planet by recycling waste and not using too much water etc. Even lighting is kept to a minimum so much so that you only had one main light switch in the dorm. We kept the bathroom light on all night anyway in case someone wanted to go to the toilet. In fact the first night I had the whole dorm to myself which was fantastic.

The bathroom is what you expect in a good hotel, clean and efficient. The bedding and room were comfortable and since everything is quite new then that is a bonus of course.

The kitchen facilities are efficient while the dining area is spacious and nicely lit from natural light.

The main lounge/dining area is very comfortable and sociable. It has a great atmosphere.

Upstairs on the 3rd level where my dorm room was and where the roof patio is. There is a TV/DVD room with a large screen TV with cable. You can select many number of channels to watch or select a DVD from the library.

They also have storage areas, secure lockers in the rooms or if you check out you can also pay for storage from $4 for 4 hours for a large locker.

This hostel is nicely located although it is quite difficult to find but once you get there it’s ok after that.

Again, the Rocks YHA in Sydney’s Circular Quay is simply the best hostel in Sydney.

Enjoy these Videos:

Inside the Dorm Room:

Outside by the Deck:


  1. I stayed here again for a few days and have also enjoyed it. But I guess on a 2nd visit you can notice things you missed the first time. Some minor complaints are that the showers can flutuate dramatially in temperture and the bike shed not being suitable for my mountain bike with high end front racing forks/suspension.

    Enjoyed the cheap breckfasts and the friendly girl who serves it. I also enjoyed the $5 hamburger night.

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